NOMINATIONS from LEAF Issue Two for The Haiku Foundation’s prestigious Touchstone Awards 2023

Thank you to Ravi Kiran, our editor of LEAF, for nominating ten haiku for The Haiku Foundation’s prestigious Touchstone Awards 2023.

Congratulations to those selected and enjoy their haiku again here, as well as in LEAF Issue Two.

autumn stillness 


across the yard

Goran Gatalica

twilight concert 

the long sax notes shape 

a seaside breeze

Richard L. Matta

crabapple jelly 

what a little sugar 

can do

Cindy Putnam Guentherman

dead fish litter the shore smelling of oil spill

Kala Ramesh

left behind 

the dream raven’s

dropped feather

Cynthia Anderson

wild summer 

all bundled up 

into bales of hay

Colette Kern

stretching his wings the pilot moonlights as a crow

Peter Jastermsky

moon’s pull 

the Atlantic crossing 

the Atlantic

Mike Gallagher

fireflies I abandon the moon

Veronika Zora Novak

downunder Christmas 

the children build 

a sandman

Sue Courtney


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  1. Joanna Ashwell says:

    Congratulations to the nominated writers, wonderful haiku.

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