LEAF Issue Two Has Arrived!

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of LEAF Issue Two, our Journal of THE DAILY HAIKU, edited brilliantly by Ravi Kiran, whose passion, energy and expertise have helped to establish and nurture LEAF. Thank you also to Keith Evetts who has again contributed a fantastic Haiku and Senryu Commentary and to Marion Clarke for her equally engaging Haiga Commentary. Final thanks of course to all the contributors for their wonderful haiku, senryu and haiga submitted from around the world – your creativity is inspiring. I look forward to many more issues.

Download here in both single page and double page view.


  1. Thanks Marion. I will enjoy having a browse. Xx

  2. Wendy Blomseth says:

    Congratulations on the beautiful LEAF issue two journal with well-crafted haiku and, I must admit, exemplary haiga images. It’s such an enjoyable read, with insightful commentaries by Keith Evetts and Marion Clarke . Huge Congratulations Amanda White and many thanks to Editor Ravi Kiran, as well as admins, moderator team, Jade Wildgoose graphic designer, and the Panorama Journal for your beautiful work. Congratulations to all contributors.
    Yesterday, before LEAF issue two was announced, my husband gave me both heartfelt congratulations for connecting with poets worldwide and criticism for not acknowledging how much I have improved since my first haiku in May 2020. I post this comment because honestly, these sentiments are true of so many other poets who have all been on the same journey. Thank you for creating this safe space to learn and grow. 🙏

  3. Joanna Ashwell says:

    Thank you for producing a beautiful journal. Loved reading this.

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