Celebrating the haiku of Ravi Kiran Editor of LEAF

While Ravi works hard selecting our haiku, and for LEAF Issue Two our Haiga too, as he has none of his amazing work in LEAF I asked him to select some of his wonderful haiku to share with you here.

putting green 

an egret chases 

a wayward egg

Wales Haiku Journal Summer 2023

drought lingers

interpreting the length

of her silence

Tsuri Doro Issue #17 Sep/Oct 23

sakura swirl

I pause writing 

a death poem

Japanese Consulate Toronto 2023

packed café

espresso served

with white noise

Presence Issue #76 June 2023

mudflat walk


heal themselves

World Haiku Series 2023

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  1. Connie Pittman-Ramsey says:

    It’s people like you, Ravi, who inspire and humble me. Your words play with my head and my heart and take me to places I didn’t know existed. Thank you for all your hard work with LEAF and for being a guide, a teacher, who allows writers like me to peek into how its done. Flows so effortlessly, your words. Thank you. I look forward to many more.

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