You can now Support THE DAILY HAIKU and LEAF with

If you are enjoying your experience of being a member of THE DAILY HAIKU and now our LEAF our TDH Journal it would be great if you wanted to donate something through the wonderful initiative which helps to support creative endeavours. We are now there at

I would like to thank everyone involved at TDH for the time and energy you give to helping TDH thrive, especially to the dedicated admin team at TDH and to Ravi Kiran our editor of LEAF, Marion Clarke and Keith Evetts for their wonderful work on LEAF too. Whilst we are all involved at THE DAILY HAIKU as volunteers there are some extra costs involved in producing LEAF, primarily through design and production and buymeacoffee is a good way to help with this outlay. We are also exploring other fundraising opportunities so we can continue to grow and explore new opportunities.

Here is a QR code to scan to donate.

But also you can donate by locating us at

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