LEAF Issue One Live

We are thrilled to present the first issue of LEAF, our new journal of The Daily Haiku, from Editor Ravi Kiran and Haiga Editor Marion Clarke. Click on the pdf link below to enjoy this inspiring collection of haiku, senryu, and haiga.


  1. Connie Pittman-Ramsey says:

    So well done!!! Thanks to all who made this possible!! Haiku is alive and well!!

    1. Amanda White says:

      Thank you Connie for your wonderful work and congratulations on being selected for the Commentary by Keith Evetts.

      1. Congratulations for editors! And many, many thanks for your stunning work!

  2. Bette Hopper says:

    Congratulations! Thank you for a lovely journal of stunning work!

  3. Amoolya Kamalnath says:

    A lovely first issue! It’s come out so well. Congratulations to the entire team! Thank you for this gift to all of us at The Daily Haiku!

  4. Vivien Eliades says:

    What a treasure to find in my inbox this morning!
    Thank you to all involved.

  5. Bittor Duce Zubillaga says:

    Thanks a lot to everyone who made this possible. Thanks for your unpaid and priceless work.

  6. Lindie Ninolakis says:

    Congratulations πŸ‘

    Thank you all for making this possible.

  7. Teresa Sutcliffe says:

    Going to enjoy reading this later on. Thank you for all your hard work. Writing haiku keeps my brain ticking over πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  8. Elizabeth Tunstall says:

    Beautifully put together. Well done everyone.

  9. To ANYONE who contributed to this beautifully composed haiku & haiga edition of LEAF Journal, a big congratulations!
    I am over the moon that LEAF has a bright haiku future ahead of it! Beautifully done and thank you for letting me be a part of it too….

  10. Amanda White says:

    While putting LEAF together I was staying with my 93 year old father in law who asked me what haiku was and after starting to explain (or trying to) a few basic traits of this ephemeral yet enduring form I simply showed him the beautiful work in this Journal which perfectly answered his question. He was at times deeply moved, a tear or two was evident, he lingered on many of the haiga and haiku, we spent a long time discussing their themes and possible meanings over a second cup of coffee (with a little Captain Morgans tipped in). His delight in the moment of each haiku and for him a new discovery made me too enjoy that discovery anew. It is in the experience of haiku that haiku is really defined both in the creation and the receiving of that creation. Thank you to my father in law for that moment, for taking an interest and taking that time to enjoy each carefully and considered word and image that has made LEAF Issue One such a treat perhaps too for you a mid-morning read over a cuppa alone where ideas and inspiration percolate or with a friend where conversations are ignited and connections deepened.

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda and everyone!

  11. It’s absolutely a gorgeous issue, Amanda.
    Congrats to the entire team and to all the contributors.

  12. Dominic Willis says:

    What a wonderful and beautiful Journal

    Congratulations to all

    And thank you so very much to the Editors, Marion & Ravi

    And to Amanda, thank you very much for Leaf, and also thank you so very much for creating the space & place that is TDH in the first place. It has made more of a difference to my life & world than you could ever know – and has forged some wonderful friendships too

    Thank you πŸ™

    Dom x

  13. John Lanyon says:

    Captain Morgan’s
    Rum tales

  14. Neetu Malik says:

    A brilliant inaugural issue, Amanda! A pure joy to read and a huge thank you to the whole team – Ravi Kiran, Marion Clarke and each and everyone involved in the production of it. Thank you so much!

  15. Caroline says:

    A beautiful journal. It’s an honour to be included. Thank you to everyone for their hard work in bringing this exciting project into being. I hope it will inspire others to get involved and explore the wonderful world of haiku.

  16. Amita Paul says:

    Dear Amanda, Ravi, Marion, Keith, Sarah and Jade,
    What a debut ! Congratulations. May TLJ flourish and live long!
    Dear Sebastien, Vivienne, John, Connie, Penny, Carolyn, Bidyutprabha, Kala, Daipayan,
    Delighted to see your work here.
    Honoured to be a part of the TDH journey and the TLJ debut.

  17. Congrats to the crew and shipmates and all others who sailed in this ship called Leaf!

  18. Amita Paul says:

    Wendy, Debarati, Linda, Guido, Neetu, Amoolya, Ram,Colette, Yvonne : enjoyed your contributions. Congratulations ! Amanda, John, the Rum Tales are very appealing to an Irish Coffee fan. Bidyutprabha, I’m sorry I made a mistake but it was your lovely blue Iris haunting my mind- see you here in the December issue.

  19. Wonderful story over the pontifications of an elderly gent – your father in law- discovering Haiku for the first time!
    It’s well made and has a lot of beautiful work!
    Thank you for getting it all together
    And honoured to have a poem published therein.

  20. I “reblogged” Bruce Jewett’s posting re: Leaf on my wordpress site(s) initially at Commentary, Outrages, Prose and Poetry blog under the ageis of my blog “richwrapper”. Then, I fung such notice up on Facebook, my only other venue about which I work. My best wishes for this endeavor. J Richards

  21. posted my comment earlier: I repeat – best wishes in this endeavor. Blame Bruce Jewett for my interest.

  22. Jenny Shepherd says:

    I’ve FINALLY managed to read it all! What an amazing debut! So many beautiful, poignant and funny poems. What a great job the editorial team has done: Ravi Kiran, Marion Clarke, Keith Evetts, Jade Wildgoose, Sarah Davis, and Founder of the Daily Haiku, Amanda White. Congratulations to you all!

  23. Kavita Ratna says:

    The inaugural issue of LEAF, the new Journal of The Daily Haiku is out – and how!!!! So grateful to have my ku published here. Thank you so very much Amanda White, Ravi Kiran and the entire team! This is extremely special to me as The Daily Haiku is the very first platform where I began to write haiku and it is only because of the encouragement and affection of its team members that I was encouraged to keep going! Am amazed that it has a membership of about 13,000 poets … and what a delightful community! To be part of this fantastic inaugural issue – along with so many poets whose work I deeply admire – is a dream come true for me!

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