LEAF Issue Three has Arrived!

Welcome to our third issue of LEAF brimming with wonderful work and featuring inspiring writing in response to our U18s callout.

LEAF is now firmly established as the Journal of THE DAILY HAIKU and I am very grateful to our editor Ravi Kiran and our commentary editors Keith Evetts and Marion Clarke.

Enjoy reading LEAF Issue Three here, do post comments and share with your friends.


  1. Anna Maria ( Tvpm ) says:

    So glad that this issue is out. Congratulations to all the ones featured.. I am moreover so glad to have two of. Mine in this too.. thanks to Ravi Kiran and TDH so much.

  2. Amanda White says:

    As I have had the privilege of editing LEAF Issue Three I have found myself fully immersed in the most sensory, thought-provoking and inspiring world of haiku and haiga. I am returning regularly to get my fix, dipping in and out, sharing with friends and family, many of whom have never experienced haiku. One of my brother in laws responded today with his own haiku, directly inspired by the Journal, which was fantastic. The condensing of thought and word, image and word, the consideration of juxtaposition and the shifting emotions this writing evokes is just wonderful. I found myself immediately inspired to linger a little longer with my own writing practice. Thank you to all the contributors and also the editorial and production team for great work. Looking forward to Issue Four. Yes, I can’t get enough

    1. Leena Anandhi says:

      Thrilled and humbled to find a special mention of my Haiku attempt. Needless to say that it is very encouraging and motivates us to pen down in verses the emotions that strike us, in being mindful of the nature around us and our thoughts that react with it. Thank you dear Amanda White for giving us a platform, Ravi Kiran for your encouragement, Keith Evetts for the insightful commentary, Marion Clarke for your discerning choice and wonderful commentaries as well. This new issue is a treasure with great verses from fellow contributers.

      The Leaf comes calling
      An unbearable lightness
      A recognition

      Thank you. Thank you. I am on cloud nine😁😁

  3. Amanda White says:

    As there is a small cost involved in producing LEAF I have set up a buymeacoffee account and if you wanted to contribute you can do so here buymeacoffee.com/THEDAILYHAIKU
    BUT THIS IS NOT IN ANYWAY COMPULSORY. We are proud that LEAF and membership of THE DAILY HAIKU is fully inclusive and accessible, free for anyone to take part in.

  4. Glad to share my 2 haiku published in the amazing new issud of ‘ LEAF Journal 3’!
    Thanks tot Ravi Kiran, Keith Evetts, Marion Clarke and Amanda White!
    Congratulations to all those selected!

  5. Belinda Behne says:

    LEAF Issue Three is just gorgeous and full of such wonderful creativity! I can’t stop reading it and I’m so honored to be included. A million thanks to Ravi Kiran, Amanda White, and the entire team for this amazing, inspiring and very very beautiful journal! Congratulations everyone! ❤️
    I’m also grateful every day for all the gems shared in TDH.

  6. Neetu Malik says:

    Such a delightful read! To Amanda White, Ravi Kiran, Keith Evetts, Marion Clarke, Jade Wildgoose and Panorama Journal a special thank you for making this possible. Moods and moments captured in the words of all very fine poets have come together in LEAF in the most beautiful way. I am honored to have this opportunity.

  7. I really love this journal and am so pleased to have been published in it.

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